Julià & Navinès

Guardiola de Font-rubí, Barcelona

Contact person: Jordi Montserrat
Email: navines@jnavines.com
Website: www.navines.capptiva.es
Phone: +34 649 408 456

We are a family that continues the tradition of our ancestors, growing vineyards and making organic wines and cavas in a traditional way, but in equilibrium with the new technologies. Currently one of our most remarkable projects is a cava with no sulphur added.

Our vineyards are located in Font-Rubí, Alt Penedès, Barcelona, it is a very special place, where looking at the horizon you see an amazing view of vineyards, fields of olive-trees and cereals; the three pillars of the Mediterranean diet.

Julià & Navinès has chosen the image of the Greek Goodness Eno* who has the power to transform water into wine like the Icon of the winery, using this image in all the product range in order to convey the importance of wine in the Mediterranean culture.

*It is said that during the Troy’s war Dionysius helped Agamemnon to supply his fleet by sending his three granddaughters, Eno, Espermo and Elais. They had the ability to transform water into wine, grass into cereal and seed’s into olive oil. Feeling astonished with those amazing capabilities, Agamemnon tried to kidnap them. Dionysius did not allow that, so he transformed them into birds so they could escape.

Produced from this winery