Alsina & Sardà

El Pla del Penedès, Barcelona

Contact person: Eloi Alsina Carulla
Phone: +34 938 988 132

The Alsina family has been laboring our vineyards and trading with our wines since the 19th century. Our very beginnings in grape growing are dated back in 1862. By then, vine growers used to manufacture in the property and sell the wine to retailers.

In 1980 we started to produce our own cava in a small family cellar. Soon, the production volume increased considerably, therefore we had to expand our facilities, and in 1985 we started to operate from our current premises in Les Tarumbes under the Alsina & Sardà corporate name.

The vineyards and the cellar are located in the very heart of the Penedès area, influenced by the Mediterranean soft climate that delivers great freshness. We use the most recent technology to preserve all original aromas and flavors to finally work up our singular wines and cavas with granted identity, as we own over 85% of the source vineyards.

Unique and modern author blends, single vineyard organic wines and premium cavas have our stamp, whereas the prices we offer award the products with greatest quality-cost rate.

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