Atavus Vines

Gratallops (Tarragona)
Phone: (+34) 977 020 350

Atavus is a new sustainable winery which seeks the maximum expression of the wine of the Priorat appellation, with a respectful work in the vineyard and a minimum intervention in the winery. In this way, we get the grape to express all its characteristics,
and most important, its origin.

Due to our difficult orography and slate soils, the work on the vineyard is mostly done by hand. Unlike other vines, ours have a very limited production per plant, sometimes even less than 500grs each. It is hard to work, but you get a unique and high quality product.
For us, the origin is important, since Priorat is a very special wine region with slate soils and steep slopes, in which the vineyard sinks its roots, to give us a grape of excellent quality with a unique aroma and taste.

The history of Priorat began with the Carthusian monks, who introduced viticulture and began to make wine in the 12th century. All this knowledge and culture of wine has survived until it reaches us.

Atavus is located in the town of Gratallops, the most prestigious area of the region, where wines are recognized worldwide for their quality. From our cellar to the west, we see the mountains of Montsant, and to the east the Mediterranean Sea is only 40 kilometers away, which gives us an appropriate climate for the ripening of the grape.

Our wines begin to be recognized with different awards, and we want to continue betting on quality to offer the Priorat in a glass.

Produced from this winery