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Contact person: Jordi Portillo
Phone: +34 934 400 917

In recent years, the world of wine has grown disproportionately. The Spanish market has become too small to absorb the large production of the present number of national wine cellars, most of them with very interesting quality levels. That is why we believe that it is necessary to offer winemakers a great support for exports. On the other hand, foreign importers also need a more effective, practical and economical way of consolidating different orders in one point. BIG5 has been created as a tool to make export/import easier, both to wineries as well as to importers. The current global crisis has made export a must need for any domestic company that wants to sell. The national market is shrinking due to more intense competition among producers, thus the jump to internationalization is the best alternative.

I discovered the wine world as a professional in 2000 and I fell in love with it. I have been Export Manager of prestigious cellars in D.O. Penedès and D.O.Ca. Priorat. In 2009, due to the difficult economic situation worldwide, I decided to create BIG, an Outsourcing Project with the aim of helping different Spanish cellars in the Area of Exports. The key lies in organizing commercial actions with shared costs, thus being able to reduce expenses in the Export item of each cellar. Their quality wines enjoy both international prestige (thanks to their participation in competitions and world-renowned magazines) as well as very competitive prices.

BIG 5 has been also developed for importers’ benefit: we unify shipments of samples and orders, offer a single interlocutor and provide, above all, quality and reliability. We stand always by our clients, accompanying them and advising them throughout Fairs, Showrooms and tastings.

The success of our project is confidence and respect: all wineries behave like a single big family and try to reach the maximum benefit for all of them, without envies nor tricks. Synergies are pursued, and we treat importers as friends, trying to offer them what they really need, taking care of any single detail that helps to make their work easier.

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