Cara Nord

El Vilosell, Lleida

Pza. Sant Sebastià, 13
Ph: +34 973 176 029
Contact Person: Ivan Valor

The Conca de Barberà is a small Denomination of Origin in eastern Spain. It is located to the north of Tarragona, and covers an area of about 5,900 hectares and it has 30 wineries.

The erosive action of the rivers Francolí and Anguera that run through the region has over millions of years shaped it into a river valley surrounded by mountain ranges: to the east, the mountains of Miramar and Cogulló, to the west, the mountains of Tallat and Vilobí, in the north, the mountains of Montclar, Quince and Comalats and south, the magnificent Mountains of Prades.

The vineyard stretches between 350 and 800 m above sea level, with the majority of the vines located at middle altitudes. In most of the DO the soils are calcareous and poor in organic content with clay textures and a characteristic reddish color. At the bottom of the basin, the valleys of the Anguera and Francolí rivers have created fluvial terraces with stones present to great depths. In the southwest corner of the region, on the slopes of the Sierra de Prades, thin slate soils are present.

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