Casa Mariol

Batea, Tarragona

Les Forques, 2
Ph: +34 977 430 303

Casa Mariol is a family owned winery with agricultural descent based in the Terra Alta region of Catalunya, Spain.

We take pride in our land and our harvesting process. Casa Mariol takes stands towards a natural production value and thus we create our wines with utmost organic care.

With Casa Mariol what you see is what you get. Wine is wine. Vino es vino. Products are called by their name varieties and aging. We don’t feel at ease with the luxury and elitist mystique that usually evolves around the wine industry. Our winery is contemporary, client oriented, honest, traditional without being antiquated and most importantly, fun. Our collection of wines is for everyday moderate consumption. We don’t seek to be inspirational.

For the past three years, 3rd generation Mariol’s took on a challenge to embark on revamping the brand’s design. The decision has been quite notorious, recently winning a Gold prize in the European Design Awards for best packaging. We’ve also had the honor of representing the image of Spanish wine in the Spanish Pavilion at Shanghai’s World’s Fair.

We believe in the importance of new market generations and our objective is to make popular and contemporary wines for unadulterated enjoyment.

Our work objectives are crystal clear and we are aware of the necessity to work hand in hand with our partners around the world in order to create novel ways of wine making and wine drinking.