Castell d’Or

Vilafranca del Penèdes, Barcelona

c/ Mare Ràfols, 3, 1r, 4a
08720 Vilafranca del Penèdes, Barcelona – Spain
ph: +34 938 905 385 – fax: +34 938 905 446
Contact person: Mercè Pujals

Castell d’Or is a company created by a group of cooperative wine-elaborating cellars from different wine areas in Catalonia. Our aim is to join the inherent processes, such as elaboration and bottling and to trade our high quality wines and cavas on the national and international markets. The resulting wines are elaborated by a technical team who are well aware of viticulture, so that the product is adapted to the demands of the different markets all over the world.

Castell d’Or’s elaborating cellars are spread in different wine areas all over Catalonia. Each one has its own particular characteristics (climate, altitude, soil formation, etc.), and their resulting wines carry each area’s peculiar personality. Also, every area is supported by their qualified Origin Denomination, which guarantees their quality.

In our wines, most types of the grapes used are autochthonous, and are harvested in vineyards perfectly adapted to the land characteristics and are controlled by our engineer agronomists.


Produced from this winery