Castell Sant Antoni

Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, Barcelona

Contact person: Pere Canals
Phone: +34 617 325 650

The origin of Castell Sant Antoni traces back to 1963, when Ramon Canals Ridorsa decided to build a small winery at the back of the family house in his hometown of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. While still being in charge of the family business (which was the production of wicker utensils used in the local wine industry at the time), Ramon decided to start crafting small tirages of cava in his newly constructed cellar. Pleased with the quality of his initial vintages and surprised with the good response by the public, he ultimately decided to become a full time cava winemaker.

Given the initial success of the winery, a new and larger facility was built soon, leaving the original winery in disuse.

However in 1999, with the launch of the new brand “Castell Sant Antoni”, the production went back to the initial cellar, but this time the show was to be run by Pere Canals, whose personal ambition was to establish a winery dedicated exclusively to the production of high expressivity cavas in select tirages targeted to premium hospitality establishments and select wine boutiques.

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