Celler Batea

Batea, Tarragona

Contact person: Esther Ponsa
Email: esther@cellerbatea.com
Website: www.cellerbatea.com
Phone: +34 616 578 805

The clear blue Mediterranean sky has born witness over the centuries to the importance of the culture of wine in the lives of the people in the town of Batea. History reveals that the beginning of our relationship with wine came from the Phoenicians, who established trading routes with different points of the Iberian Peninsula. And it was via the mouth of the Ebro river where it flows into the Mediterranean that Batea, as it is known now and only 50 kms away, was first brought into contact with wine in the 7th century BC.

It was at the end of the 1950s when a group of Batea winegrowers, well aware of the social and economic importance of vine growing, decided to take an important step forward: they brought together both their willpower and their resources to create the Celler Batea winery.

Celler Batea wines reflect the winegrowing culture of our region by fully developing the potential of those two grape varieties which lie at the heart of our history: red and white Grenache under Terra Alta Designation of Origin.

Most of our wines – from dry whites to reds and dessert wines, it is the red and white Grenache grapes that play the predominant role. They are versatile and lend themselves to the making of different types of wine, contributing the personality of an environment in which they have been cultivated over the past thousand years.

Celler Batea wines are born in our vineyards, but it’s in the winery itself, after carefully selecting from the harvested grapes, where these are transformed. Concrete tanks for white wines and stainless steel ones for red wines are now filled and the must is then cooled to await the beginning of fermentation. Ageing takes place in 300 liters barrels mainly French oak, sourced from different coopers and used for a maximum of 7 years. Careful time management is fundamental to provide the accurate expression of the environment, the land and the soul of our region.

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