De Muller

Reus, Tarragona

Contact person: Nuria Vernis
Phone: +34 977 300 556

The company was founded in 1851 by Don Augusto De Muller and Ruinard de Brimont, and soon acquired a fine reputation within the wine trade, not only at home, but also abroad.

Since June 1995, De Muller, S. A. has been under the ownership of Mr. Martorell Sr., and Mr. Martorell Jr., two very enthusiastic, successful Catalan businessmen whose  main concern is to achieve the highest quality for our wines. The new owners have been innovative in installing ultra-modern wine-making equipment to produce excellent international varietals.

A new modern winery surrounded by vineyards has been built at “Mas de Valls” Reus – Tarragona, in a region considered especially favorable for the growing of top quality grape varieties. The new plant has modern equipment: inox vats, as well as French and American oak casks, and all production operations and storage take place there. We have more than 145 hectares of vineyards, that give us a wide range of fine quality wines with their own personality, that we produce and age, and which we are proud to offer, once we consider they are ready to be launched.

A new plant has also been built in the Priorat denomination of origin region, where we have 34 hectares of vineyards producing our fine and high quality red Priorat crianza and reserva wines. We have been investing heavily in the vineyards and buildings, and will continue to do so. We are currently growing Garnacha, Cariñena, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Tempranillo vines.

Furthermore, we produce and export an extensive and very varied range of fine quality wines under Tarragona and Priorat Denominations of Origin, as well as vermouth, altar wine, sparkling wines, etc. Our wines are highly valued by Peñin and Parker (we have a 96-point wine), and we export 60% of our production to international markets, while the remaining 40% is sold in the domestic market.


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