Domenio Wines

Sant Jaume dels Domenys, Tarragona
Phone: (+34) 689 600 038

Cellers Domenys is a wine cooperative founded in 1917 in Sant Jaume dels Domenys (Tarragona – Spain). The principles of cooperation, participation, innovation and social responsibility are the main axis motivating us to build up an entity 100% engaged with the environment. The winery is the result of several undertaking mergers over the last 10 years. Nowadays, we have a staff of 45 people staff, over 550 cooperative associates with more than 2,500 vine hectares planted set our potential. Furthermore, several DO’s as Penedès, Conca de Barberà, Montsant, Catalunya and Cava certify our wines.

The Mission: Domenio Wines by Cellers Domenys is the representative brand created in 2018 embracing the bottling division to endow value to all developed activities in the winery. Achieving commitment with strict proven quality among all our wines, processes and services.

The Vision: Our main goal is to consolidate ourselves as a referent winery-cooperative in Catalonia, Spain and abroad by offering continuous improvements and wide range of possibilities from value to high-end wines. The relationship between price-quality-service in our wines is the result of the right combination of hard work, effort, several resources, right-strict processes, progress and adaptation of our strengths and capabilities to different markets requirements.

Values: Mainly integrated by social, environmental, economic engagement with our people and “terroir”. Such a blend, lead us to be a reliable, sustainable and a long-term projection partner.

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