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More than 50 wineries have participated in the Catalan Wines USA project, each one of these presenting 3 wines. Therefore we have promoted more than 150 wines from Catalonia. All of the wineries have their wines ready to sell in the USA and ready to be shipped to your restaurant, storage if you distribute or wine shop.

The wineries have been selected amongst hundreds of wineries in Catalonia following some key criteria to be able to cover the broad request of the American market. We have been promoting Catalan wines for a while now and we count on an extended network of USA wine professionals & Catalan wine lovers that have helped us to select not only the wineries but also their best bets for all the different kinds of American palates!

After many interviews and visits to the wineries we have been able to put together this 2015-2016 selection with our best tries. We hope you will love them. Here,  in this section, you will find a presentation of all the wineries that have participated in the project.  Some are big, others are small, some include expensive wines others very inexpensive, some are artisan style others sophisticated & ultramodern. Some are for high end restaurants and others for everyday tables and supermarkets. Some are red, some are white (and sparkling CAVA too!) .

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