Aureo Semi Dulce
De Muller


Aureo Semi Dulce
70% Red Grenache and 30% White Grenache
Solera 1954
Solera method
DO Tarragona
Jordi Benito
7,000 bottles
Wine Analysis
Alcohol: 20%
Acidity: 3.7 g/liter
pH: 3.82
Residual Sugar: 140 g/liter


• Wine Advocate: 94 points

Tasting Notes

An exquisite sweet wine elaborated from the most selected vines of White Grenache and Red Grenache and aged for long in oak barrels using the best solera method. Splendid amber color with numerous mahogany tones. An extraordinary nose, sophisticated and ingenious, complex with a great aromatic variety, mainly with candied fruits notes, honey and toasted with a rancid touch. Glorious palate where we can savor the noblest virtues of the wine. Rich, sensational, with many and many nuances, this sweet wine tastes very smooth, with fruity notes of prunes, raisins and figs giving us a very agreeable and warm sensation with a clear toasted aftertaste which shows us its long ageing in old oak casks.

This is the perfect wine for special celebrations and for normal days, too. Ideal with dried fruits, nougats, fresh cheese, quince, foie-gras and all dessert recipes. Sublime. To be drunk alone.

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